Porting virtio to other architectures


One Line Summary

Discuss the experience around porting virtio para-virtualization to other architectures


Efficient para-virtualization is fundamental for high performance I/O on guests, and virtio is the key element on this. The goal of this micro-conference discussion is to bring together people, around the virtio topic for:

1) Sharing experiences on implementing virtio on different flavours of hypervisors’ transport and effectively makes this knowledge available to others trying to port virtio to other hypervisor technologies.
2) Discuss the different back-end approaches (user-space, kernel…) with regard to challenges, advantages.


KVM, Virtualization, kernel, QEMU, virtio, para-virtualization, driver, I/O, powervm


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    Ricardo works as an engineer for the IBM Linux Technology Center, as part of the Open Virtualization team.
    He has over 15 years of experience in software development. Through out his career, has been actively contributing to many different open source projects, such as Tomcat, Eclipse, gdb, oVirt. His areas of expertise range from operating systems, systems management and web development.
    In his current assignment, he works with embedded Linux hypervisors environments, dealing with technologies like KVM/qemu, libvirt and oVirt.

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