I/O Runtime PM Framework and User Space


One Line Summary

Discussion about user space interfaces provided by the kernel's I/O runtime PM framework.


The kernel’s I/O runtime PM framework introduced a number of interfaces that can be used by user space to control and monitor the runtime PM framework’s activities. Still, there is a question whether or not these interfaces are really useful to user space and if they are sufficient.


runtime PM, API


  • Dr_rafael_wysocki_lks08

    Rafael Wysocki

    University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics / SUSE Labs, Novell Inc


    I am the maintainer of the Linux kernel’s core power management subsystem. I work at the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics, as a Senior Lecturer. I have been working at the university for over 7 years teaching IT and programming and administering computer systems. I also work for SUSE Labs, Novell Inc., as a kernel developer. I have been actively working on the Linux kernel since 2005, mostly on the suspend and hibernate subsystem as well as on power management in general. I also developed the set of user space hibernate utilities called uswsusp that nowadays is widely used by Linux distributions. I am the maintainer of it and a few other PM-related utilities, including the suspend utility called s2ram. Apart from my university lecturer’s speaking experience I was a speaker at multiple conferences, recently at the Linux Symposium 2009 and the Kernel Summit in 2008 and 2009.

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