Embedded Video devices: Can Linux handle such complex video Sub-System


One Line Summary

Video4Linux, Fbdev Framework: Does they satisfy/fulfill features supported by Embedded devices


Now a days Embedded devices are becoming more & more complex adding burden on software, especially on low level driver. It is really important to have clear framework which understands the need for Embedded devices, its complexity, use-case and supported feature-set, like,

  1. Possible multiple ways/options/processing-ways
  2. Multi-channel support
  3. Highly custom configuration requirement
  4. Specific buffer handling requirement

This would be an attempt to have open discussion, suggestions from other community experts, where we will discuss on few latest Embedded devices as an case-study.


  • Biography

    Vaibhav holds a Bachelor degree in Electronics & telecomm Engineering from Shivaji University, Kolhapur, India. He has more than 5 years experience working in the Embedded industry. He is responsible for the Linux Device driver architecture/development of Texas Instruments SoC mainly focused towards Video Sub-system (both Capture and Display). He is maintainer for the OMAP2/3 Video4Linux Display Driver which provides support for video stream capabilities on Linux along with legacy Fbdev driver.
    He has also contributed to some non-video devices like, he is maintainer for AM3517 u-boot port, etc.

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