Unfragmenting embedded Linux platform offerings


One Line Summary

Discussion around migrating specific Android tools and technology into other embedded Linux distros, to reduce fragmentation in the industry.


Various bits of interesting technology have been developed by Google for it’s Android project, including host/target communication protocols, debug tools, eclipse extensions, and more. Although Android is quite distinct from other embedded Linux distributions, it has a number of good technologies that I believe would be worth integrating into other distros.

In this topic, I would like to discuss some of these technologies, along with the ramifications of trying to spread them outside their Android origins.


tools, Android, fragmentation


  • Tim Bird

    Sony Network Entertainment


    Tim Bird is a Senior Software Engineer for Sony Corporation, where he helps Sony put Linux into their products. Tim is also the Chair of the Architecture Group of the CE Linux Forum, a trade organization that works to improve Linux for use in Consumer Electronics products. In this position, Tim directs the technical initiatives of the forum, and encourages companies to publish their improvements to Linux and participate in the open source community. Tim has been working with Linux for over 18 years.

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