Converting ftrace plugins into trace events


One Line Summary

Convert ftrace plugin to the unified trace event interface.


Most kernel tracepoints use the trace event interface, which automatically provides self-description of the fields, filtering features, and various other controls over the tracepoint. Amongst other things, it makes them usable with perf events.

However the old ftrace plugins still use the deprecated interface, forcing the maintainance of an alternative API, which makes the unification of the instrumentation subsystems harder.

This talk will describe the problems that come with such conversion as well as the possible solutions to solve them.


ftrace perf events tracing instrumentation


  • Biography

    I have been working on the Linux Kernel for two years, mainly in topics like tracing and profiling. Let’s say instrumentation.

    These days I work mostly to enhance perf events and try to unify ftrace and perf into a single powerful instrumentation subsystem.

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