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Video4Linux, Digital Video Broadcasting, Video Decoding and Remote Control integration


A discussion about the state of video capture device, video decoding device, video display device, and remote control integration in the linux kernel and userspace.

Many linux-based video capture setups require an infrared transmitter to change channels on a set top box, due to the video stream otherwise being encrypted or otherwise inaccessible. And if you’re capturing video, you probably need a way to play it back, which required either enough cpu or specialized hardware to decode the video, and a video card to output to a monitor or television to actually view it. And then you probably want to be able to control playback using a remote control.

Integrating all these things together can be a challenge, but there’s a lot we can do to make it less challenging, starting with kernel-level driver integration and auto-configuration, which we can then extend outward to end-user application.


Video, Infrared, Media, Decoding, Remote


  • Jarod Wilson

    Red Hat


    Born and raised in Seattle, WA, moved to Boston, MA area for job with Red Hat back in 2006. Currently the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 kernel maintainer, contributor to Fedora, involved w/multiple upstream projects.

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