Consolidation of disk heartbeating


One Line Summary

We have three disk heartbeats systems; let's not.


ocfs2’s internal cluster stack, o2cb, has a disk heartbeat process named o2hb. Corosync clusters based on cman use qdiskd. Corosync clusters using pacemaker used sbd.

The ocfs2 team recently enhanced o2hb to support “global” heartbeat regions. This compares to behavior provided by qdiskd and sbd, in some ways surpassing them.

Let us discuss the various capabilities, restrictions, and futures of these three heartbeat processes. The goal is to merge them into a single shared project we can all use and maintain.


clustering, corosync, pacemaker, ocfs2, o2cb, cman, o2hb, qdiskd, sbd


  • Joel Becker



    Joel Becker has been breaking Linux for 15 years and breaking it for Oracle for the past 10. He is the maintainer of configfs and the co-maintainer of ocfs2 in the Linux kernel.

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