Routing compressed data through PulseAudio


One Line Summary

This presentation will show the benefits in terms of power, audio policy and routing of handling compressed data in PulseAudio


PulseAudio is a central part of the Linux audio subsystem, with hooks to control volume, routing and policy. Although it’s been on the roadmap for several years, PulseAudio does currently not support compressed data, which leads to routing limitations even when hardware assist is available for low-power, Bluetooth and HDMI use cases.
In this talk we will share the status of experiments done at Intel to route compressed data through PulseAudio, the changes needed to latency/time management and the need to expose sink capabilities to apps.


  • Pierre Bossart

    Intel Corporation


    Audio and system architecture related positions since 1997 with Digigram, STMicroelectronics, Freescale and Intel.

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