Corosync Community Roadmap Whiteboard


One Line Summary

Current community roadmap and discussion about additional features.


This talk will present the Corosync community roadmap based upon current user feedback. Developers and users are encouraged to talk about their ideas and requirements currently unmet.




  • Steven Dake

    Red Hat


    Steven Dake has been involved in Open Source Linux for over 12 years professionally. Steven Dake was involved in the creation of the industry first Carrier Grade Linux software solution at MontaVista Software. While working at MontaVista Software, Mr. Dake initiated the openais project which has been used in thousands of designs worldwide for high availability since 2002. In 2008, Mr. Dake founded the Corosync Cluster Engine project to radically improve the performance and quality based upon real-world experiences of the openais project. He maintains this project full time with a small group of other high availability experts in the open source community.

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