EGL and GLES1/2 on Linux


One Line Summary

An overview of the mesa EGL and GLES 1/2 implementation on Linux


EGL is a platform independent API for integrating the OpenGL rendering API with the underlying window system. It can be used as a replacement for GLX, WGL, AGL, but will also run on devices with custom or no window systems. As such, it’s very popular in embedded devices.

Along with EGL, applications often use GLES1 or GLES2. These are subsets of the full OpenGL rendering API, designed for embedded use. They cut away many legacy or less useful features, and target fixed funcition and fully programmable GPU respectively.

This talk will give brief overview of EGL and GLES1/2 and some of the most interesting extensions and demonstrate how we support them in the open source mesa drivers.


Embedded, EGL, mesa, 3d, graphics, shiny


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