Linux Plumbers Conference Microconferences proposals

We're accepting suggestions both for titles for Microconferences, as well as suggestions for what to discuss within specific Microconferences.  We don't have a set deadline for this, but Plumbers only has room for at most 12 Microconferences, so get your Microconference topic suggestions in early.

We are also accepting proposals for presentations, and BoF sessions.

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GNOME OS: an open operating system designed for modern life
Desktop 11/03/2010
Jon McCann

* Design and History of CTDB

This describes the internals of CTDB and why CTDB is designed the way it is.
High Availability Clustering 10/18/2010
Michael Adam

* Virtualization (Part II)

Virtualization topics and issues "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Virtualization 10/15/2010
Jes Sorensen

* Tracing (Part II)

Linux Tracing topics and issues. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Tracing 10/15/2010
Vinod Kutty, Steven Rostedt

* Unified API for Snapshotting File Systems

Let's talk about generic API for snapshots.
File and Storage Systems 10/12/2010
Amir Goldstein

* Consolidation of disk heartbeating

We have three disk heartbeats systems; let's not.
High Availability Clustering 10/02/2010
Joel Becker

* Routing compressed data through PulseAudio

This presentation will show the benefits in terms of power, audio policy and routing of handling compressed data in PulseAudio
Audio 09/21/2010
Pierre Bossart

* systemd and the desktop

systemd is a not only an init systemd, but also a session manager, making the same features that are available for managing the system available to manage the user sessions
Desktop 09/19/2010
Lennart Poettering

* Reality of PREEMPT_RT in the field

PREEMPT_RT users provide insight in use cases and experience
Real Time 09/17/2010
Matthias Bühler, David Sperry, Thomas Gleixner

* Triaging, debugging, and fixing Ubuntu's audio problems

Presentation and discussion around the tools available and used to debug audio problems
Audio 09/16/2010
David Henningsson

* Corosync Community Roadmap Whiteboard

Current community roadmap and discussion about additional features.
High Availability Clustering 09/13/2010
Steven Dake

* File System Performance Testing

Discussion surrounding performance regression testing
File and Storage Systems 09/13/2010
Jeff Moyer, Eric Sandeen

* Transparent Hugepage Support

The presentation will show some internals and benefits of Transparent Hugepage Support
Virtualization 09/11/2010
Andrea Arcangeli

* bootchart2 - what is going on ?

Come hear about the somewhat less-lame boot-charting solution.
Boot and Init 09/10/2010
Michael Meeks

* Dynamic probing with perf

A presentation of kprobes/uprobes based dynamic trace event
Tracing 09/06/2010
Masami Hiramatsu

* SVM Emulation - Performance Discussion

This talk will analyze the performance of the KVM SVM emulation today and will discuss some ideas to improve the performance and closing the performance gap between virtualization levels.
Virtualization 09/01/2010
Joerg Roedel

* discussing syslink: an efficient inter-processor communication system for mobile devices

mainlining Syslink: discussion of problems/solutions towards an efficient Inter-Processor Communication system for mobile Linux devices that employ extra slave remote processors
Embedded 08/27/2010
Hari Kanigeri, Ohad Ben-Cohen, Suman Anna

* C-State optimization

Which C-State is the most optimal in terms of energy saving for a given idle time?
Power Management 08/27/2010
Vincent Bour, Nicole Chalhoub

* IP over steam

how to get a cluster running in any cloud?
High Availability Clustering 08/27/2010
Fabio M. Di Nitto

* Multimedia memory management nightmare

Multimedia devices need to transfer very large amount of data efficiently, a painful operation on ARM-based systems that needs a solution.
Embedded 08/26/2010
Laurent Pinchart

* Why Pacemaker Sucks

Tell the Pacemaker developers what sucks about building clusters with Pacemaker
High Availability Clustering 08/26/2010
Lars Marowsky-Brée, Andrew Beekhof

* Combining Xenner, Xen and KVM into a giant furball

Making the world a better place by enabling people to switch between Xen, Qemu and KVM as they wish.
Virtualization 08/25/2010
Alexander Graf

* Virtualizing NUMA

Discussing the benefits of virtualizing NUMA architecture in KVM or Xen guests
Virtualization 08/24/2010
Andre Przywara

* platform-specific PM customization

Currently, platform-specific code has a need to customize common PM methods, typically on the platform_bus. This track is to discuss the various approaches to solving this problem.
Power Management 08/24/2010
Kevin Hilman

* Media controller: finally getting audio and video to play together

The Media Controller is a new kernel API designed to give applications full control over media devices through a single interface.
Audio 08/24/2010
Laurent Pinchart

* Linux Containers: are we there yet?

An overview of the current state of Linux Containers in (and out of) the mainline.
Virtualization 08/24/2010
Kir Kolyshkin, Pavel Emelyanov

* EGL and GLES1/2 on Linux

An overview of the mesa EGL and GLES 1/2 implementation on Linux
Desktop 08/24/2010
Kristian Høgsberg

* Running mainstream distributions on ARM

Discussion about how to run mainstream Linux distributions on ARM-based systems
Embedded 08/23/2010
Mike Rapoport

* multi-card/gpu - can we fix it?

non-traditional multi-card scenarios are appearing in hardware and we need to better place kernel/ to deal with these
Desktop 08/23/2010
David Airlie

* Kernel assisted adaptive mutexes

Leveraging kernel-side knowledge of task scheduling can provide for more efficient adaptive mutexes.
Real Time 08/23/2010
Darren Hart

* Android PM experiances

What have you learned from Android PM enabling of you device?
Power Management 08/23/2010
Mark Gross

* data logging for device field trials

embedded device debugging is made harder by the fact that people use them, and when they crash you arn't there. How to capture useful data persistently for remote postmortem debug is the question
Embedded 08/23/2010
Mark Gross

* device pm tuning is hard

after getting all the pm patches into your system, there is a lot more work to do to get good battery life.
Power Management 08/23/2010
Mark Gross

* Matahari - A General Purpose, Cross-Platform Agent for Clustered and non-Clustered Hosts

Introducing Matahari and its role in a clustered environment
High Availability Clustering 08/22/2010
Andrew Beekhof

* The Future of the OCF Standard

Resurrecting the OCF Standards Body for Resource Agents
High Availability Clustering 08/22/2010
Andrew Beekhof

* Merge Tracing and Debugging

Consider further integration of kernel debugging and tracing.
Tracing 08/22/2010
Jason Wessel

* Embedded platform mainlining: benefits, obstacles and examples

Embedded platforms mainlining problems and their possible solutions.
Embedded 08/21/2010
Mike Rapoport

* Audio Use Case management

Simplified audio hardware management with emphasis on performance, power consumption and audio use case flexibility.
Audio 08/20/2010
Liam Girdwood

* Videobuf2 - the new Video for Linux driver framework

Status and development of the new driver framework for multimedia devices.
Multimedia Infrastructure 08/20/2010
Marek Szyprowski, Pawel Osciak

* Device tree discussion session

General discussion about device tree support on embedded platforms
Embedded 08/17/2010
Jeremy Kerr

* Remote booting over iSCSI and FCoE: The past, the present, and the future.

This presentation shows the unique challenges with remote booting a system over iSCSI and FCoE storage protocols on Linux, lessons learned from past implementations, and future directions.
Boot and Init 08/16/2010
Supreeth Venkataraman

* Divide and Conquer: An alternative approach to split-site clustering in Pacemaker

Filtered replication for the Pacemaker CIB
High Availability Clustering 08/16/2010
Florian Haas

* Easy is Hard

Why can't we have an HA appliance that you just plug in, turn on and forget about?
High Availability Clustering 08/16/2010
Tim Serong

* Low Carb diet: removing XML syntactic sugar from the CIB

Cleaning out the CIB XML schema
High Availability Clustering 08/13/2010
Florian Haas

* Beyond init: systemd

systemd is a new system and session manager for Linux which is currently being adopted by the Fedora and OpenSUSE distributions as default init system.
Boot and Init 08/13/2010
Kay Sievers, Lennart Poettering

* State of the Linux Audio Infrastructure in 2010

A quick overview where the Linux audio infrastructure stands this year.
Audio 08/13/2010
Lennart Poettering

* Getting the word out there: enabling application developers to write and package resource agents

What we can do to help application developers add Pacemaker support into their applications
High Availability Clustering 08/13/2010
Florian Haas

* We've got it all backwards: enabling Pacemaker management application development

A proposal for making cluster management more easily accessible for 3rd party management software developers.
High Availability Clustering 08/13/2010
Florian Haas

* Resource Agents 1.1: fixing the OCF resource agent metadata schema

An overview of proposed updates to the XML schema we use to define OCF resource agent metadata
High Availability Clustering 08/13/2010
Lars Marowsky-Brée, Florian Haas, Marek Grac, Dejan Muhamedagic

* Simplify network configuration for VMs by harmonizing multiple Bridging, QOS, DCB and CNA implementations

Simplify network configuration for VMs by harmonizing multiple Bridging, QOS, DCB and CNA implementations
User Visible Network Issues 08/12/2010
Shyam Iyer

* Handling Thin provisioning Capacity Threshold Alerts

Handling Thin provisioning Capacity Threshold Alerts
File and Storage Systems 08/12/2010
Shyam Iyer

* The Unholy Union of Corosync, Pacemaker and CTDB

Discuss integrating CTDB with Pacemaker clusters; we need one less messaging layer, and one less resource manager.
High Availability Clustering 08/11/2010
Tim Serong

* Challenges in Mobile Networking

Challenges that we have with networking in the mobile space.
User Visible Network Issues 08/10/2010
Matt Domsch

* Per-device PM QoS constraints

Explore and discuss methods to handle PM QoS constraints for each device in addition to system wide constraints.
Embedded 08/10/2010
Kevin Hilman

* Converging towards a unified Lockless Ring Buffer library

Unification of Perf, Ftrace and LTTng ring buffers.
Tracing 08/06/2010
Mathieu Desnoyers

* Exposing routing information to applications

Discussion of presentation of audio path data to applications
Audio 08/05/2010
Mark Brown

* Handling of digital audio links in ASoC

Discussion of how to handle digital audio sources outside the CPU
Audio 08/05/2010
Liam Girdwood, Mark Brown

* Crafting Elegant User Experiences Involving Complex Storage Technologies

Let's talk about how to improve user experiences involving file and storage systems.
File and Storage Systems 08/04/2010
Máirín Duffy

* CPUIdle versus Suspend

What issues are keeping CPUIdle from being closer to suspend in terms of power savings?
Power Management 08/03/2010
Mike Turquette

* Network virtualization

Discuss support for layer-2 switching, network isolation, QoS, and virtual machine migrations of virtualized workloads
Virtualization 07/27/2010
Vivek Kashyap

* Porting virtio to other architectures

Discuss the experience around porting virtio para-virtualization to other architectures
Virtualization 07/27/2010
Ricardo Matinata

* Checkpoint/Restart: Present, Goals and Blockers

Issues blocking advanced and general usage of checkpoint/restart in desktop/non-HPC environments.
Virtualization 07/27/2010
Vivek Kashyap

* CPU isolation

Why and how to efficiently dedicate a CPU to a single task through CPU isolation.
Real Time 07/26/2010
Frédéric Weisbecker

* I/O Runtime PM Framework and User Space

Discussion about user space interfaces provided by the kernel's I/O runtime PM framework.
Power Management 07/26/2010
Rafael Wysocki

* I/O Runtime PM Framework and CPUidle

Discussion about the needs and possibilities of the I/O runtime PM framework integration with the CPUidle framework.
Power Management 07/26/2010
Rafael Wysocki

* High Availability Clustering

Discussion of low level issues related to HA and Clustering (including filesystems). "Wiki": "Etherpad":
High Availability Clustering 07/26/2010
Lars Marowsky-Brée

* Network QoS Guarantees for Virtual Machines

How can we achieve performance isolation of networking-intensive VMs ?
Virtualization 07/26/2010
Dario Faggioli, Dhaval Giani, Tommaso Cucinotta

* API for Real-Time Scheduling with Temporal Isolation on Linux

How can we fix the API for real-time scheduling with temporal isolation (deadline scheduling / Sporadic Server) ? (slides)
Real Time 07/26/2010
Dario Faggioli, Dhaval Giani, Tommaso Cucinotta

* Embedded Video devices: Can Linux handle such complex video Sub-System

Video4Linux, Fbdev Framework: Does they satisfy/fulfill features supported by Embedded devices
Multimedia Infrastructure 07/26/2010
Vaibhav Hiremath

* Multimedia Infrastructure

Topics and issues for the multimedia stack. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Multimedia Infrastructure 07/24/2010
Mauro Carvalho Chehab

* Desktop

Desktop related topics "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Desktop 07/22/2010
Vincent Untz

* Unfragmenting embedded Linux platform offerings

Discussion around migrating specific Android tools and technology into other embedded Linux distros, to reduce fragmentation in the industry.
Embedded 07/20/2010
Tim Bird

* Scaling techniques in the stack for servers with high connection rates

This talk will describe some techniques for scaling front end servers. In particular, we will describe the the use of SO_REUSEPORT in scaling servers for high connection rates with a single listening port.
User Visible Network Issues 07/19/2010
Ying Cai

* Network Device Naming

Which of my NICs is eth0?
User Visible Network Issues 07/19/2010
Matt Domsch

* User-visible Networking Issues

Discussion of device naming, Network Manger, Conman etc. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
User Visible Network Issues 07/19/2010
Matt Domsch

* Desktop Miniconference

Microconference for X and other graphics infrastructure
Desktop 07/19/2010
Keith Packard

* Dracut - a generic initramfs infrastructure

Introduction of a initramfs generation tool, which creates a general purpose udev event based initramfs.
Boot and Init 07/19/2010
Harald Hoyer

* KVM/QEMU Storage Stack Performance Discussion

An in-depth discussion of the key challenges in optimizing KVM/QEMU storage stack performance, our recent progress, and solicitation of ideas on further work in this area.
Virtualization 07/19/2010
Stefan Hajnoczi, Khoa Huynh

* Converting ftrace plugins into trace events

Convert ftrace plugin to the unified trace event interface.
Tracing 07/18/2010
Frédéric Weisbecker

* IOV hardware and software plumbing for VMware ESX - journey to uncompromised I/O Virtualization and Convergence

Integration of VMware ESX para-virtual and passthru I/O "plumbing", 10GbE IOV, and protocol acceleration.
Virtualization 07/17/2010
Leonid Grossman

* File and Storage Systems

The track will deal with issues around file and storage systems in Linux, from the kernel space up to user space. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
File and Storage Systems 07/16/2010
Ric Wheeler

* Multimedia Linux

Video4Linux, Digital Video Broadcasting, Video Decoding and Remote Control integration
Multimedia Infrastructure 07/16/2010
Jarod Wilson

* Power Management

Discussions about all topics related to power management "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Power Management 07/16/2010
Matthew Garrett

* Audio

Discussion of audio integration issues in both kernel and userspace, covering both desktop and embedded systems. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Audio 07/16/2010
Mark Brown, Lennart Poettering

* Advances in memory management in a virtualized environment

Memory Management in a virtualized environment is a hard problem with many creative solutions being developed
Virtualization 07/15/2010
Dan Magenheimer

* Qemu/Xen integration

Implementing Xen device model support in Qemu
Virtualization 07/15/2010
Stefano Stabellini

* Linux performance enhancements when running as a Xen HVM guest.

Expand Xen PV frontend drivers in Linux to work under HVM.
Virtualization 07/15/2010
Stefano Stabellini

* Tracing Hypervisor Events

It would be nice to merge Linux and hypervisor tracing abilities.
Tracing 07/14/2010
Jeremy Fitzhardinge

* Ticket to a tarpit

Ticket spinlocks have surprisingly bad behaviour in a VM
Virtualization 07/14/2010
Jeremy Fitzhardinge

* Xen privileged support in Linux: help!

Help in the process of providing Xen privileged support in Linux kernel.
Virtualization 07/14/2010
Konrad Wilk

* Expand Linux kernel to include more Xen PV drivers (PCI pass through)

Make Linux running as PV guest under Xen work with PCI pass-through devices.
Virtualization 07/14/2010
Konrad Wilk

* Testing the real-time Kernel on Arbitrary Hardware.

An exploration of tools and test suites for measuring the performance of the real-time kernel. Also, a glimpse into the future, what do we need to do better?
Real Time 07/14/2010
Clark Williams, John Kacur

* Virtualization (Part I)

Virtualization topics and issues "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Virtualization 07/14/2010
Jes Sorensen

* Tracing (Part I)

Linux Tracing topics and issues. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Tracing 07/13/2010
Vinod Kutty, Steven Rostedt

* SeaBIOS in a virtualized environment

SeaBIOS - the default BIOS for QEMU & KVM - where it came from and where it's going.
Virtualization 07/13/2010
Kevin OConnor

* Real-Time

Real Time Linux discussions "Wiki": "EtherPad":
Real Time 07/12/2010
Thomas Gleixner

* Boot and Init

Early initialization and alternatives to traditional unix init. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Boot and Init 07/12/2010
Kay Sievers

* Embedded

Embedded topics and issues. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Embedded 07/02/2010
Grant Likely

* KVM on S390x

Where are we, where are we going and why do we need KVM on S390x?
Virtualization 06/19/2010
Alexander Graf