High Availability Clustering track


Over the last very few years, High-Availability clustering on Linux has seen significant convergence and the emergence of a single stack, based on the fs/dlm code on the kernel-side, and around corosync/openais/Pacemaker etcetera on the user-space part. This is now being adopted by Red Hat, Ubuntu, Novell/SUSE, Debian and others.

Work remains to be done on mapping a roadmap for resource agent merges, more core library work such as logging infrastructure, roadmap alignment between components and stakeholders, packaging details, …

Proposals for this track

* Consolidation of disk heartbeating

We have three disk heartbeats systems; let's not.
High Availability Clustering 10/02/2010
Joel Becker

* Corosync Community Roadmap Whiteboard

Current community roadmap and discussion about additional features.
High Availability Clustering 09/13/2010
Steven Dake

* Design and History of CTDB

This describes the internals of CTDB and why CTDB is designed the way it is.
High Availability Clustering 10/18/2010
Michael Adam

* Divide and Conquer: An alternative approach to split-site clustering in Pacemaker

Filtered replication for the Pacemaker CIB
High Availability Clustering 08/16/2010
Florian Haas

* Easy is Hard

Why can't we have an HA appliance that you just plug in, turn on and forget about?
High Availability Clustering 08/16/2010
Tim Serong

* Getting the word out there: enabling application developers to write and package resource agents

What we can do to help application developers add Pacemaker support into their applications
High Availability Clustering 08/13/2010
Florian Haas

* High Availability Clustering

Discussion of low level issues related to HA and Clustering (including filesystems). "Wiki": "Etherpad":
High Availability Clustering 07/26/2010
Lars Marowsky-Brée

* IP over steam

how to get a cluster running in any cloud?
High Availability Clustering 08/27/2010
Fabio M. Di Nitto

* Low Carb diet: removing XML syntactic sugar from the CIB

Cleaning out the CIB XML schema
High Availability Clustering 08/13/2010
Florian Haas

* Matahari - A General Purpose, Cross-Platform Agent for Clustered and non-Clustered Hosts

Introducing Matahari and its role in a clustered environment
High Availability Clustering 08/22/2010
Andrew Beekhof

* Resource Agents 1.1: fixing the OCF resource agent metadata schema

An overview of proposed updates to the XML schema we use to define OCF resource agent metadata
High Availability Clustering 08/13/2010
Florian Haas, Dejan Muhamedagic, Lars Marowsky-Brée, Marek Grac

* The Future of the OCF Standard

Resurrecting the OCF Standards Body for Resource Agents
High Availability Clustering 08/22/2010
Andrew Beekhof

* The Unholy Union of Corosync, Pacemaker and CTDB

Discuss integrating CTDB with Pacemaker clusters; we need one less messaging layer, and one less resource manager.
High Availability Clustering 08/11/2010
Tim Serong

* We've got it all backwards: enabling Pacemaker management application development

A proposal for making cluster management more easily accessible for 3rd party management software developers.
High Availability Clustering 08/13/2010
Florian Haas

* Why Pacemaker Sucks

Tell the Pacemaker developers what sucks about building clusters with Pacemaker
High Availability Clustering 08/26/2010
Andrew Beekhof, Lars Marowsky-Brée