Linux Plumbers Conference Birds of a Feather Sessions proposals

you want to do a BoF at Plumbers Conference, please enter it here. 
We're not sure how many BoF sessions we'll be able to accommodate yet,
but when we know the room configuration and sizes, we'll schedule as
many as we can on a first come, first served basis.

Accepted BoFs
will be allocated a 60 minute slot somewhere in the Plumbers Conference
Schedule (either during the day or in the evening depending on room

We are also accepting proposals for mini-conference topics.

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* Kicking the Tires of The Yocto Project

Discuss the details of the recently announced yocto project and where it can lend value to embedded linux development.
BoF 10/30/2010
Tracey Erway, Dirk Hohndel

* Ext4 snapshots

Overview of Next3 snapshots and what needs to be done to merge them into Ext4.
BoF 10/07/2010
Amir Goldstein

* Kernel Debugging

Discuss state of KGDB and other kernel debug technologies.
BoF 09/27/2010
Deepak Saxena

* State of the kernel: license "wise".

Survey of what licenses are actually in the kernel, beyond GPLv2/GPLv2+.
BoF 09/16/2010
Kate Stewart

* Containers checkpoint/restart

Discuss the current state of checkpoint/restart in mainline, and what needs to be done to merge it.
BoF 08/24/2010
Vivek Kashyap, Oren Laadan, Kir Kolyshkin, Pavel Emelyanov

* Power On war stories

lighting up a new board brings together a lot of interesting talent, and has a lot of challenges.
BoF 08/22/2010
Mark Gross

* Hardware detection BoF

Discuss subsystems that reports hardware errors
BoF 08/20/2010
Mauro Carvalho Chehab

* Challenges with networking in mobile devices

This presentation shows the challenges with networking in modern mobile devices based on Linux.
BoF 07/24/2010
Marcel Holtmann

* libferris: everything is a filesystem, and filesystems are everything.

Libferris makes local and remote data available as a filesystem and conversely can be accessed from SQLite and XQuery among others as their native data types.
BoF 06/29/2010
Ben Martin