Tracing track

Tracing within the Linux kernel and userland helps in seeing how and why the system acts the way it does. Tracing facilitates the debuging of the system as well as understanding the reason the system behaves in a certain way.

Currently, Ftrace is the major tracing infrastructure of the Linux kernel, but perf is starting to overlap in its features. Not to mention LTTng, which is not part of the mainline kernel but is being used by companies with a patched kernel. Integration of these tracers would benefit the user community greatly, but there are some technical (as well as social) issues in making them collaborate better.


Proposals for this track

* Converging towards a unified Lockless Ring Buffer library

Unification of Perf, Ftrace and LTTng ring buffers.
Tracing 08/06/2010
Mathieu Desnoyers

* Converting ftrace plugins into trace events

Convert ftrace plugin to the unified trace event interface.
Tracing 07/18/2010
Frédéric Weisbecker

* Dynamic probing with perf

A presentation of kprobes/uprobes based dynamic trace event
Tracing 09/06/2010
Masami Hiramatsu

* Merge Tracing and Debugging

Consider further integration of kernel debugging and tracing.
Tracing 08/22/2010
Jason Wessel

* Tracing (Part I)

Linux Tracing topics and issues. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Tracing 07/13/2010
Steven Rostedt, Vinod Kutty

* Tracing (Part II)

Linux Tracing topics and issues. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Tracing 10/15/2010
Vinod Kutty, Steven Rostedt

* Tracing Hypervisor Events

It would be nice to merge Linux and hypervisor tracing abilities.
Tracing 07/14/2010
Jeremy Fitzhardinge