Embedded track


Possible track for capturing embedded/small system topics

  • Standardize boot interface for ARM
  • Device driver and the device tree
  • Core plumbing required in small systems.
  • Running mainstream distros on ARM devices

Proposals for this track

* data logging for device field trials

embedded device debugging is made harder by the fact that people use them, and when they crash you arn't there. How to capture useful data persistently for remote postmortem debug is the question
Embedded 08/23/2010
Mark Gross

* Device tree discussion session

General discussion about device tree support on embedded platforms
Embedded 08/17/2010
Jeremy Kerr

* discussing syslink: an efficient inter-processor communication system for mobile devices

mainlining Syslink: discussion of problems/solutions towards an efficient Inter-Processor Communication system for mobile Linux devices that employ extra slave remote processors
Embedded 08/27/2010
Ohad Ben-Cohen, Hari Kanigeri, Suman Anna

* Embedded

Embedded topics and issues. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Embedded 07/02/2010
Grant Likely

* Embedded platform mainlining: benefits, obstacles and examples

Embedded platforms mainlining problems and their possible solutions.
Embedded 08/21/2010
Mike Rapoport

* Multimedia memory management nightmare

Multimedia devices need to transfer very large amount of data efficiently, a painful operation on ARM-based systems that needs a solution.
Embedded 08/26/2010
Laurent Pinchart

* Per-device PM QoS constraints

Explore and discuss methods to handle PM QoS constraints for each device in addition to system wide constraints.
Embedded 08/10/2010
Kevin Hilman

* Running mainstream distributions on ARM

Discussion about how to run mainstream Linux distributions on ARM-based systems
Embedded 08/23/2010
Mike Rapoport

* Unfragmenting embedded Linux platform offerings

Discussion around migrating specific Android tools and technology into other embedded Linux distros, to reduce fragmentation in the industry.
Embedded 07/20/2010
Tim Bird