BoF track

Birds of a Feather Sessions

Proposals for this track

* Challenges with networking in mobile devices

This presentation shows the challenges with networking in modern mobile devices based on Linux.
BoF 07/24/2010
Marcel Holtmann

* Containers checkpoint/restart

Discuss the current state of checkpoint/restart in mainline, and what needs to be done to merge it.
BoF 08/24/2010
Kir Kolyshkin, Vivek Kashyap, Pavel Emelyanov, Oren Laadan

* Ext4 snapshots

Overview of Next3 snapshots and what needs to be done to merge them into Ext4.
BoF 10/07/2010
Amir Goldstein

* Hardware detection BoF

Discuss subsystems that reports hardware errors
BoF 08/20/2010
Mauro Carvalho Chehab

* Kernel Debugging

Discuss state of KGDB and other kernel debug technologies.
BoF 09/27/2010
Deepak Saxena

* Kicking the Tires of The Yocto Project

Discuss the details of the recently announced yocto project and where it can lend value to embedded linux development.
BoF 10/30/2010
Tracey Erway, Dirk Hohndel

* libferris: everything is a filesystem, and filesystems are everything.

Libferris makes local and remote data available as a filesystem and conversely can be accessed from SQLite and XQuery among others as their native data types.
BoF 06/29/2010
Ben Martin

* Power On war stories

lighting up a new board brings together a lot of interesting talent, and has a lot of challenges.
BoF 08/22/2010
Mark Gross

* State of the kernel: license "wise".

Survey of what licenses are actually in the kernel, beyond GPLv2/GPLv2+.
BoF 09/16/2010
Kate Stewart