Virtualization track


LPC is particular well suited for work in progress and subjects that needs discussion and collaboration between communities, for example between KVM/QEMU and the Linux Kernel community. We expect strong participation of kernel developers at LPC, and likely also from the desktop community (GNOME/KDE/Xorg).

Note this is focused on general Linux Virtualization, it is not limited to a specific hypervisor.

If you have a virtualization related project proposal, please add it to this page. Please make sure to tag additional suggestions with your name. Topics could be in the area of (but not limited to):

  • Kernel ↔ KVM/QEMU interaction
  • IO Performance improvements
  • NUMA awareness
  • Migration
  • Support for new hardware features, and/or provide guest access to these features.
  • Virtualization management, user interfaces, and desktop integration
  • Consumer Electronics device emulation
  • Custom platform configuration and coordination with the kernel

Proposals for this track

* Advances in memory management in a virtualized environment

Memory Management in a virtualized environment is a hard problem with many creative solutions being developed
Virtualization 07/15/2010
Dan Magenheimer

* Checkpoint/Restart: Present, Goals and Blockers

Issues blocking advanced and general usage of checkpoint/restart in desktop/non-HPC environments.
Virtualization 07/27/2010
Vivek Kashyap

* Combining Xenner, Xen and KVM into a giant furball

Making the world a better place by enabling people to switch between Xen, Qemu and KVM as they wish.
Virtualization 08/25/2010
Alexander Graf

* Expand Linux kernel to include more Xen PV drivers (PCI pass through)

Make Linux running as PV guest under Xen work with PCI pass-through devices.
Virtualization 07/14/2010
Konrad Wilk

* IOV hardware and software plumbing for VMware ESX - journey to uncompromised I/O Virtualization and Convergence

Integration of VMware ESX para-virtual and passthru I/O "plumbing", 10GbE IOV, and protocol acceleration.
Virtualization 07/17/2010
Leonid Grossman

* KVM on S390x

Where are we, where are we going and why do we need KVM on S390x?
Virtualization 06/19/2010
Alexander Graf

* KVM/QEMU Storage Stack Performance Discussion

An in-depth discussion of the key challenges in optimizing KVM/QEMU storage stack performance, our recent progress, and solicitation of ideas on further work in this area.
Virtualization 07/19/2010
Khoa Huynh, Stefan Hajnoczi

* Linux Containers: are we there yet?

An overview of the current state of Linux Containers in (and out of) the mainline.
Virtualization 08/24/2010
Kir Kolyshkin, Pavel Emelyanov

* Linux performance enhancements when running as a Xen HVM guest.

Expand Xen PV frontend drivers in Linux to work under HVM.
Virtualization 07/15/2010
Stefano Stabellini

* Network QoS Guarantees for Virtual Machines

How can we achieve performance isolation of networking-intensive VMs ?
Virtualization 07/26/2010
Dhaval Giani, Tommaso Cucinotta, Dario Faggioli

* Network virtualization

Discuss support for layer-2 switching, network isolation, QoS, and virtual machine migrations of virtualized workloads
Virtualization 07/27/2010
Vivek Kashyap

* Porting virtio to other architectures

Discuss the experience around porting virtio para-virtualization to other architectures
Virtualization 07/27/2010
Ricardo Matinata

* Qemu/Xen integration

Implementing Xen device model support in Qemu
Virtualization 07/15/2010
Stefano Stabellini

* SeaBIOS in a virtualized environment

SeaBIOS - the default BIOS for QEMU & KVM - where it came from and where it's going.
Virtualization 07/13/2010
Kevin OConnor

* SVM Emulation - Performance Discussion

This talk will analyze the performance of the KVM SVM emulation today and will discuss some ideas to improve the performance and closing the performance gap between virtualization levels.
Virtualization 09/01/2010
Joerg Roedel

* Ticket to a tarpit

Ticket spinlocks have surprisingly bad behaviour in a VM
Virtualization 07/14/2010
Jeremy Fitzhardinge

* Transparent Hugepage Support

The presentation will show some internals and benefits of Transparent Hugepage Support
Virtualization 09/11/2010
Andrea Arcangeli

* Virtualization (Part I)

Virtualization topics and issues "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Virtualization 07/14/2010
Jes Sorensen

* Virtualization (Part II)

Virtualization topics and issues "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Virtualization 10/15/2010
Jes Sorensen

* Virtualizing NUMA

Discussing the benefits of virtualizing NUMA architecture in KVM or Xen guests
Virtualization 08/24/2010
Andre Przywara

* Xen privileged support in Linux: help!

Help in the process of providing Xen privileged support in Linux kernel.
Virtualization 07/14/2010
Konrad Wilk