Desktop track


Proposals for this track

* Desktop

Desktop related topics "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Desktop 07/22/2010
Vincent Untz

* Desktop Miniconference

Microconference for X and other graphics infrastructure
Desktop 07/19/2010
Keith Packard

* EGL and GLES1/2 on Linux

An overview of the mesa EGL and GLES 1/2 implementation on Linux
Desktop 08/24/2010
Kristian Høgsberg


GNOME OS: an open operating system designed for modern life
Desktop 11/03/2010
Jon McCann

* multi-card/gpu - can we fix it?

non-traditional multi-card scenarios are appearing in hardware and we need to better place kernel/ to deal with these
Desktop 08/23/2010
David Airlie

* systemd and the desktop

systemd is a not only an init systemd, but also a session manager, making the same features that are available for managing the system available to manage the user sessions
Desktop 09/19/2010
Lennart Poettering