Real Time track

The Real-Time preemption patch started in 2004 and large parts of the development has been integrated into the mainline kernel and into the affected user space libraries. There are still parts which need to be worked on for upstream inclusion.

The Real-Time track provides a discussion forum for ongoing and related work.


Proposals for this track

* API for Real-Time Scheduling with Temporal Isolation on Linux

How can we fix the API for real-time scheduling with temporal isolation (deadline scheduling / Sporadic Server) ? (slides)
Real Time 07/26/2010
Tommaso Cucinotta, Dhaval Giani, Dario Faggioli

* CPU isolation

Why and how to efficiently dedicate a CPU to a single task through CPU isolation.
Real Time 07/26/2010
Frédéric Weisbecker

* Kernel assisted adaptive mutexes

Leveraging kernel-side knowledge of task scheduling can provide for more efficient adaptive mutexes.
Real Time 08/23/2010
Darren Hart

* Real-Time

Real Time Linux discussions "Wiki": "EtherPad":
Real Time 07/12/2010
Thomas Gleixner

* Reality of PREEMPT_RT in the field

PREEMPT_RT users provide insight in use cases and experience
Real Time 09/17/2010
Thomas Gleixner, Matthias Bühler, David Sperry

* Testing the real-time Kernel on Arbitrary Hardware.

An exploration of tools and test suites for measuring the performance of the real-time kernel. Also, a glimpse into the future, what do we need to do better?
Real Time 07/14/2010
Clark Williams, John Kacur