President's Ballroom

Capacity: 325

President’s Ballroom

Linux Plumbers Conference Birds of a Feather Sessions

Proposals for this room

* Power On war stories

lighting up a new board brings together a lot of interesting talent, and has a lot of challenges.
BoF 08/22/2010
Mark Gross

* Kernel Debugging

Discuss state of KGDB and other kernel debug technologies.
BoF 09/27/2010
Deepak Saxena

Linux Plumbers Conference 2010

Proposals for this room

* The kernel report

The kernel: where it is, how it got there, and where it's going. (slides)
Keynote 07/19/2010
Jonathan Corbet

* License To Kill…Your Code...

Just as the lack of software discipline can lead to bad code and poor usability, the lack of license understanding and execution can cripple the legitimate usability of open source software.
Refereed Presentations 07/20/2010
Mark Gisi, Sven Dummer

* Linux Multitenant File Servers using Likewise-CIFS

The paper will explain the architecture used by the Likewise-CIFS file server to enable Linux hosts to concurrently operate as a member of multiple Microsoft Active Directory domains. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 07/20/2010
Gerald Carter

* Next Steps In File Permission Models

Why POSIX ACLs are not enough and how to replace them
Refereed Presentations 07/20/2010
Andreas Gruenbacher

* Hot and cold data management in filesystem

Hot and cold data migration over hybrid storage in btrfs (slides)
Refereed Presentations 07/17/2010
Mingming Cao

* VirtFS—A paravirtual File System pass-through in KVM/QEMU

VirtFS is a paravirtual file system which exports the host file systems to the guest on 9P2000.L protocol through VirtIO transport. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 07/23/2010
Venkateswararao Jujjuri

* Patchwork: pursuing productive project participation

Patchwork is a web-based system for keeping track of contributions (slides)
Refereed Presentations 07/19/2010
Jeremy Kerr

* Embedded Linux easier

An approach to making it easier to work with embedded Linux
Refereed Presentations 07/19/2010
Dirk Hohndel

* Perf Tools: Recent Improvements

Recent developments on the perf tools and discussion about TODO. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 07/21/2010
Arnaldo Melo

* Testing the real-time Kernel on Arbitrary Hardware.

An exploration of tools and test suites for measuring the performance of the real-time kernel. Also, a glimpse into the future, what do we need to do better? (slides)
Refereed Presentations 07/26/2010
John Kacur, Clark Williams

* Runtime Power Management in the PCI Subsystem

I will describe the implementation of runtime power management support in the Linux kernel's PCI subsystem and the related modifications of the ACPI subsystem. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 07/19/2010
Rafael Wysocki

* Porting the Linux kernel to a new architecture, done right

A quick tour around the architecture specific kernel implementation a working example code. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 07/17/2010
Arnd Bergmann

* The state of video

A look at how to make watching and creating videos on Linux as good as it should be (slides)
Refereed Presentations 07/19/2010
Benjamin Otte

* Linux Graphics Directions

Now that we have competent Linux kernel graphics support, what comes next?
Refereed Presentations 07/19/2010
Keith Packard

* The Linux Bluetooth Stack

A status update of the Linux Bluetooth stack, show the today's state and what is coming in the near future. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 07/19/2010
Gustavo Padovan

* The Challenge of Mobile Broadband

Ubiquitous WWAN networks and devices reveal wide gaps in the Linux networking stack that we need to fix.
Refereed Presentations 07/19/2010
Dan Williams

* Unified energy-aware scheduling

Unified approach to CPU power management where the scheduler works in co-ordination with cpufreq and cpuidle subsystems (slides)
Refereed Presentations 07/19/2010
Dipankar Sarma, Vaidyanathan Srinivasan, Trinabh Gupta

* Idle scheduling support in the Linux Kernel

This talk describes how Google uses CFS to provide differentiated CPU QoS, discusses the strengths and shortcomings of idle scheduling support in the Linux kernel, and presents solutions that improve utilization without impacting isolation. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 07/20/2010
Nikhil Rao

* Linux HTPC

Using Linux to build your own Home Theater PC.
Refereed Presentations 07/16/2010
Jarod Wilson

* Wi-Fi Direct on Linux

Learn about Wi-Fi Direct and support on Linux (slides)
Refereed Presentations 07/25/2010
Johannes Berg

* Network QoS Guarantees for Virtual Machines

How can we achieve performance isolation of networking-intensive VMs ?
Refereed Presentations 07/26/2010
Tommaso Cucinotta, Dhaval Giani, Dario Faggioli

* API for Real-Time Scheduling with Temporal Isolation on Linux

How can we fix the current API for real-time scheduling with temporal isolation (deadline-based / Sporadic Server) ? (slides)
Refereed Presentations 07/26/2010
Tommaso Cucinotta, Dhaval Giani, Dario Faggioli

* Optimizing the QEMU/KVM Storage Stack

Tools and recent progress in improving QEMU/KVM storage performance. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 07/26/2010
Stefan Hajnoczi

* TCP-NV: Congestion Avoidance for Data Centers

TCP-NV is a TCP variant for Data Centers that implements congestion avoidance, where the congestion window can decrease when queue build-up is detected and before packet loss occurs. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 07/20/2010
Lawrence Brakmo

* The wonderful world of LibreOffice

How we will fix your Free Software Office Suite (slides)
Keynote 10/01/2010
Michael Meeks