William Dawes

Capacity: 150

William Dawes

Linux Plumbers Conference Birds of a Feather Sessions

Proposals for this room

* State of the kernel: license "wise".

Survey of what licenses are actually in the kernel, beyond GPLv2/GPLv2+.
BoF 09/16/2010
Kate Stewart

* Kicking the Tires of The Yocto Project

Discuss the details of the recently announced yocto project and where it can lend value to embedded linux development.
BoF 10/30/2010
Tracey Erway, Dirk Hohndel

* Hardware detection BoF

Discuss subsystems that reports hardware errors
BoF 08/20/2010
Mauro Carvalho Chehab

Linux Plumbers Conference Microconferences

Proposals for this room

* Real-Time

Real Time Linux discussions "Wiki": "EtherPad":
Real Time 07/12/2010
Thomas Gleixner

* Power Management

Discussions about all topics related to power management "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Power Management 07/16/2010
Matthew Garrett

* Audio

Discussion of audio integration issues in both kernel and userspace, covering both desktop and embedded systems. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Audio 07/16/2010
Mark Brown, Lennart Poettering

* Tracing (Part I)

Linux Tracing topics and issues. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Tracing 07/13/2010
Steven Rostedt, Vinod Kutty

* Tracing (Part II)

Linux Tracing topics and issues. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Tracing 10/15/2010
Vinod Kutty, Steven Rostedt

* Embedded

Embedded topics and issues. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Embedded 07/02/2010
Grant Likely

* Multimedia Infrastructure

Topics and issues for the multimedia stack. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Multimedia Infrastructure 07/24/2010
Mauro Carvalho Chehab