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IRC Backchannel available for MCs

Back channel chat for the MicroConferences is available at  The channels are named by room (see the schedule for the room names).
The two channels are
There are also etherpads for shared note taking which are listed in the online schedule if you hover over the MC or click on the individual MC.

Plumbers Registration now Full

As you know, we deliberately limit Plumbers to being around 300 people to facilitate easy discussions in the MicroConferences.  Well, as of Friday, that limit has now been reached and registration is now closed.
So a big thank you to everyone who registered; we’re looking forwards to making this the most interesting and productive Plumbers conference [...]

Preliminary Schedule Up

Please forgive the formatting and lack of details around the MCs; we’re working to fix that.  The schedule is here.

Standard Registration Extension

According to the Linux Foundation, we’ve only got 16 places left before Plumbers sells out, so if you were planning on attending, now might be a good time to reserve one of them.
We’re also extending standard registration ($325) until Monday 18 October after which the late registration fee of $400 will apply (assuming we have [...]

Announcing Keynotes and Events

The Linux Plumbers Conference is pleased to announce our keynote line-up and evening events. LPC 2010 will be held in Boston from November 3-5.
Michael Meeks : “The Wonderful World of LibreOffice”
Jonathan Corbet : “The Kernel Report”
Evening Events
Tuesday, Nov 2, Jillian’s at Fenway, Second Floor
Joint event for Kernel Summit and Linux Plumbers Conference Drinks [...]

Update on Hotels

The Hyatt is now full (and the group rate expires on Friday 8 Oct), so the Linux Foundation has arranged accommodation at the Harvard Square Hotel at the rate of US$169/night (plus tax) which includes internet.
This hotel is about a mile from the Hyatt, but the LF will provide daily shuttle service between this [...]

Hotel Discount Ends on Friday 8 October

Please be sure to make your hotel reservations before Friday to take advantage of the discounted rate.  Click here to reserve.
Please also note that the hotel is now sold out on the evenings of Friday, November 5th and Saturday, November 6th.  If you were planning to stay one or both of those nights, and have [...]

BoF Sign Up Now Open

The Linux Plumbers Conference is now accepting Birds of a Feather (BoF) signups here
We’re not quite sure how many rooms will be available for BoFs or the timings, but if you sign up now, we’ll assign times and locations to them in once the room availability becomes clear.

Registration is now Open

For really early birds, the registration link above is now live.
It’s redirecting to the linux foundation registration site for those of you who just can’t wait to reserve your place.  The Earlybird registration price of $275 will be current until 31 August 2010.

What is Linux Plumbing?

Once upon a time, the kernel stood alone and presented services to the system by way of the system call interface. In current systems, instead, users see a view of the system that is created by a whole set of utilities, including the C library, udev, HAL and more. Interactions between these low-level components and [...]