• Linus Torvalds – An Advanced Git Tutorial [video]

Audio MicroConference [Runners: Lennart Poettering, Paul Davis]

Networking MicroConference [Runner: Stephen Hemminger]

Real Time MicroConference [Runner: Nivedita Singhvi]

Security MicroConference [Runner: James Morris]

Boot and Init MicroConference [Runner: Dave Jones]

Kernel/Userspace/User Interfaces MicroConference [Runner: Jim Gettys]

Storage MicroConference [Runner: Matthew Wilcox]

Embedded Systems MicroConference [Runner: Greg Kroah-Hartman]

X Window System MicroConference [Runner: Keith Packard]

General Track [Program Committee Chair: Paul McKenney]

Birds of A Feather Sessions (BoFS)

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