Should I submit to LinuxCon also?

If you are submitting a paper for the Linux Plumbers Conference, we also encourage you to submit a paper for the co-located LinuxCon – the Linux Foundation’s new annual technical conference.  Please note that the Linux Foundation is assisting us with speaker travel funding, especially for those speaking at both events.

How much does it cost?

Costs to attend the Linux Plumbers Conference vary, depending on when you register, as there is a discount for early registration.There is also a discounted rate for full-time students.

To see further details or to register go to the “register to attend” link.

When does registration open?

Registration opened on March 26th and closed on September 17th.

For future registration-related announcements and deadlines, please subscribe to the announcement mailing list.

When does registration end?

Registration for the 2009 conference ended when we reached our capacity.  Unfortunately, you cannot register at the door.

Is there a discounted student rate?

Yes, the 2009 student discount rate is $100. You must show proof of being a full time student (usually defined as 12 credit hours for the current term) on the first day of the conference. If you have questions please contact us.

Can I get a travel sponsorship?

Our travel budget is only available to speakers and is extremely limited. If you require a travel sponsorship please contact us.

Do I need a visa to get into the US?

See Temporary Visitors to the U.S.

How do I get an official invitation to the conference for my visa application?

After you register, email register@linuxplumbersconf.org and we’ll send you a pdf invitation letter you can print.

How do I submit a microconference proposal?

If you wish to submit a topic as a microconference, please submit it to the General track and add “Please consider as microconference” to the description. Please note that a successful microconference requires buy-in and participation from maintainers and other high-profile people active in the area. So, if you submit a microconference proposal, you will also need to encourage others to submit talk proposals relevant to your topic.

The program committee has the final say in choice of microconference topics. Each microconference must have a runner, who will have final say in what talks are accepted into that microconference.