LPC videos are going up

We’ve started populating the Program page with available videos, including Linus’s git tutorial and some of the security, networking and x  sessions. We’d like to thank the Linux Foundation video site which is hosting these for us.  Not all of the sessions were taped, unfortunately – only the sessions in one of the tracks/rooms all day long were taped – something we hope that next year’s organizing committee will be able to improve upon!

A few broken URLs and slide pointers have been cleaned up. If you don’t see your slides here please do send/ resend them to us at contact@linuxplumbersconf.org. Speakers who want to add their updates, summaries or notes on the sessions can do so by editing their proposal pages as well (linked to on the Program page).

If you have any questions or suggestions for next year’s conference, please do send in your comments to us at contact@linuxplumbersconf.org.