LPC Registration opens 7:30AM PT Wednesday (come early!)

As we were unfortunately unable to open registration this evening for LPC as planned, we’re urging conference attendees to get an early start on Wednesday morning.

We will open registration around 7:30AM, PT. The conference begins at 9:00AM PT with our welcome and David S. Miller’s keynote address.

As we anticipate that we’ll need to process the entire LPC attendee population prior to the conference start for logistical reasons, we’re hoping all 315 of you arrive at a beautifully optimized constant rate at  our registration desk in the time interval between 7:30AM and 8:59AM.

We suspect that’s possibly a tad unlikely. We suspect the much more likely scenario is a rather ill-distributed bell or poisson. Of course, given that practically all of our attendees are software engineers, perhaps it should not surprise us if 305 of you show up at 8:59, thereby maximizing sleep and minimizing time spent waiting for Dave Miller to start talking (while the remaining arrive at 6:47AM having taken the only convenient max train). Please don’t do that. Be kind to your conference organizers! Come early! Come staggered!

But seriously, our trained professional registration folks are well prepared for these sorts of things and are confident of getting all of you done really quickly.

Enjoy the conference!