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Plumbing the graphics pipeline - Carl Worth


Carl Worth has been a primary author and maintainer of the cairo 2D graphics library for 6 years, (thanks Red Hat!). Currently, he is working for Intel where his efforts to improve Linux graphics continue with a focus on improving X server drivers and the layers connecting cairo to them, (occasionally even getting uncomfortably close to the kernel for a userspace developer).

Carl's personal interests center primarily around his wife and four sons. Frequent recreational activities include board games, (DVONN, Ricochet Robot, and Icehouse games are favorites), origami, and rock climbing. He's happy to call Oregon home, and hopes that the Linux Plumbers Conference will help continue the trend of interesting free-software developers coming to Portland.


So, you're a Linux Plumber and you've got a graphics operation that's not performing well. Let's say your web browser isn't scrolling smoothly. What gunk are you going to find when you get down under the sink and start looking at the pipes?

This talk will start with a simple, common graphics operation and follow it in detail through every layer in the system: application, toolkit, graphics library, X client library, X protocol, X server acceleration architecture, X driver, and Linux kernel driver. As can happen with old pipes, there's sure to be some nasty buildup along the way, but getting down and dirty with this stuff is an important step in fixing it.