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CRFS - Zach Brown


Zach works for the Linux kernel engineering group at Oracle. He currently works on CRFS and helps out with the design of BTRFS. While at Oracle he has also worked on OCFS2 and AIO. Before joining Oracle he was one of the principal engineers on the Lustre file system while working at Cluster File Systems.


CRFS is a project which is designing a new network file system protocol. The initial implementation consists of a Linux kernel module client and a user space server.

CRFS offers POSIX file system semantics to reduce the risk of breaking applications which weren't specifically developed for some arbitrary subset of POSIX that network file systems find easy to implement. The talk will cover the properties of the design which provide POSIX semantics.

The CRFS wire protocol is designed to offer aggressive performance through efficient operations and caching which greatly reduces the number of network messages. We'll walk through the most significant aspects of these design elements.

Most importantly, though, the talk will give potential users an opportunity to find out how CRFS can help them solve problems and will provide an opportunity for their feedback to influence the design of CRFS.