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For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Angela Brown. Linux Plumbers Conf sponsorship packages.


The microconfs comprise two of the three conference tracks and are focused on particular plumbing topics. The third track is the general track and includes talks or discussions that cross microconf boundaries or don't fit into the microconfs. Rooms available for the general track may be used for talks, panels, bug-squashing parties, and anything else the attendees find useful.

Microconf TopicRunner
The future of Linux storage Matthew Wilcox
Video input infrastructure and V4L2 Mauro Carvalho Chehab
Power management and tools for efficient resource usage Matthew Garrett
Future displays and input devices Keith Packard
Dbus for desktop integration David Zeuthen
Linux server management Darrick Wong
Boot and init Dave Jones
Audio Lennart Poettering
Kernel/userspace interfaces Greg Kroah-Hartman
Debugging, tuning, tracing, and profiling Steve Rostedt