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Microconf Focus

This session is about debugging, tracing, tuning and profiling. Currently there has been a lot of talk about tracing inside the kernel. Since tracing can also be used for debugging, tuning and profiling, the main focus for now will be on tracing.

There are lots of tracers to choose from: SystemTap, ftrace, LTTng and probably more. Tracers have always had a difficult time in getting into the kernel. They try to accomplish different goals, and depending on who has control, different aspects of a tracer might just make it into the kernel.

I would like to come out of this conference with a short term goal and a road map on how to get the tracing infrastructure into the kernel. Let's also look into ways that different tracers can have components integrated.


There will be three presentations and then a break followed by a discussion. During this discussion, feel welcome to add your own “lightning talk” of 3 minutes to tell us what you have and how it can help us out.

Sample Microconf Schedule

Total time: 2 hr 30 min

Time Session
0:00 Roland McGrath : Utrace
0:25 Frank Eigler : SystemTap
0:50 Mathieu Desnoyers : LTTng
1:15 Steven Rostedt : Ftrace
1:35 Break
1:50 Lightning talks
2:05 Discussion / Round Tables
2:25 Next Steps (by MC Runner)
2:30 End


This is a perfect opportunity for the leaders of the tracing/profiling/debugging/tuning community to get together and sort out a lot of issues that we have. Lets take the time to listen to the goals that each of us share, and see how we can work together to achieve them, not individually, but as a team.