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I) Milestones in LIO 3.1 since LPC 2008

*) A complete configfs enabled kernel-level codebase in lio-core-2.6.git consisting of a generic target engine (target_core_mod) and iSCSI Target fabric fabric module (iscsi_target_mod) including a fabric independent target engine and iSCSI Target python CLI API for real-time configuration and
management of running Linux systems using k.o v2.6.3x code that is capable of scaling up to 10,000 unique virtual HBA+FILEIO objects and LIO-Target iSCSI fabric endpoints within a single KVM guest instance using 10 Gb/sec IOV capable hardware.


There has been much work completed since the LPC 2008 decision to move LIO kernel code into to a generic target engine infrastructure using upstream configfs infrastructure as it’s base. The Two major SPC-4 SCSI
target mode fabric features that have been completed: Persistent Reservation APTPL and implict/explict ALUA are
now the first all optional SPC4 defined feature implementation of PR and ALUA in the Linux OSS target theatre using an upstream user-driven virtual filesystem directory hierarchy structure that can be configured in realtime in combination with interpreted userspace code.


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