Containers Microconference Accepted into 2018 Linux Plumbers Conference

The Containers Micro-conference at Linux Plumbers is the yearly gathering of container runtime developers, kernel developers and container users. It is the one opportunity to have everyone in the same room to both look back at the past year in the container space and discuss the year ahead.

In the past, topics such as use of cgroups by containers, system call filtering and interception (Seccomp), improvements/additions of kernel namespaces, interaction with the Linux Security Modules (AppArmor, SELinux, SMACK), TPM based validation (IMA), mount propagation and mount API changes, uevent isolation, unprivileged filesystem mounts and more have been discussed in this micro-conference.

There will also no doubt be some discussions around performance to make up for the overhead caused by the recent Spectre and Meltdown set of mitigations that in some cases have had a significant impact on container runtimes.

This year’s edition will be combined with what was formerly the Checkpoint-Restart micro-conference. Expect continued discussion about integration of CRIU with the container runtimes, addressing performance issues of checkpoint and restart and possible optimizations, as well as (in)stability of rarely used kernel ABIs. Another hot new topic would be time namespacing and its usage for container snapshotting and migration.

Please see here for an overview of this microconference.  If you would like to contribute to the discussion, please feel free to contact Stéphane Graber (

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