Josh Triplett



Josh Triplett hacks on system software, including Linux, X, Git, systemd, BITS, libffi, and Debian. Josh enjoys using software for unconventional purposes, such as porting Python to GRUB2 to test BIOS. Josh has previously presented at Kernel Summit,, Linux Plumbers Conference, and the USENIX Annual Technical Conference. Josh Triplett is Intel’s Chrome OS architect. He still finds himself typoing “Haswell” as “Haskell” and vice versa. (Speaking only for myself.)

Proposals for this user

* Linux kernel tinification (Confirmed)

How small can the Linux kernel get today? What would it take to make it an order of magnitude smaller? A detailed look at kernel configuration, what's really required in the kernel versus what's optional, and what you can expect over the next few years of further kernel tinification.
Refereed Talks 08/14/2014
Josh Triplett