Thomas Hühn

Thomas Hühn

Technical University of Berlin


I am a 37 years old senior researcher at Technical University of Berlin who oszillates between my home village Sundhausen & my work town Berlin.
Since 2003 I am building Freifunk mesh networks in and around my home village to get and distribute broadband Internet in our rural area.
I am an active member of Freifunk association since 10 years and since than I have planed, built and do operate a 100 nodes Freifunk network to provide internet access in 5 villages without DSL connectivity.
Within my daily job as reseearcher I focus on practical transmit power control and rate control in WiFi networks based on Openwrt Linux.

Sessions for this user

* "Minstrel-Blues" - Practical Joint Rate und Power Control in Linux mac80211 with todays 802.11b/g/a/n Chips

I will present the design, implemenation and performance imapct of my pratical joint rate and power control algorithm "Minstrel-Blues" within Linux mac80211 and IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n Atheros chips. (slides)
Wireless Networking
Thomas Hühn