Javier Gonzalez


Javier Gonzalez

IT Univeristy of Copenhagen


I am a PhD student inside the Software and Systems Section at the IT University of Copenhagen, and Run-Time Security consultant at Xilinx. My research focuses on building system support for enforcing usage policies as a form of providing run-time security. I want to contribute designing and building technologies that make it easier for users to protect their privacy when they interact with digital services. I am also interested in storage systems, and hardware that can bridge security and performance.

I have worked extensively with ARM TrustZone, ARM processors, and the Zynq-7000 (Xilinx). In the last months I have spent time in building a generic TrustZone interface for the Linux Kernel. Here, I am looking for feedback to push it upstream.

Linux Plumbers Conference 2014 Birds of a Feather Sessions

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* Generic Support for ARM TrustZone

Given the the momentum that TrustZone is having in the open source community, it is time to bring generic support to the Linux Kernel. (slides)
BoF Track
Javier Gonzalez

Linux Plumbers Conference 2014

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* Support for open-channel SSDs and flash-agnostic APIs

Integration of flash-agnostic APIs (e.g., Key-value store, Object store, Atomic-IOs, etc.) with open-channel SSDs- status and discussion (slides)
File and Storage Systems
Matias Bjørling, Jesper Madsen, Javier Gonzalez