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Steven Rostedt

Red Hat


Steven Rostedt has been working with the Linux kernel since 2001. He currently works for Red Hat working in their Messaging Real-time Grid (MRG) division. He created and maintains Ftrace, the official Linux kernel tracer, and is the current real-time kernel stable maintainer.

Linux Plumbers Conference 2014

Sessions for this user

* Overview of the Live Kernel Patching methods

Overview of the three approaches for Live Kernel Patching (kpatch, kGraft and criu+kexec)
Live Kernel Patching
Steven Rostedt

* Read Write Semaphore bottlenecks

Handling the difficulties of priority inheritance and Reader Writer semaphores. (slides)
Real Time II
Steven Rostedt

Proposals for this user

* The requirements of ftrace for live kernel patching

What requirements are needed from ftrace for kpatch and kGraft.
Live Kernel Patching 08/22/2014
Steven Rostedt

Linux Plumbers Conference 2014 Refereed Talks

Proposals for this user

* Ftrace kernel hooks, more than just tracing (Confirmed)

The audience is aimed at developers. You do not need to be a kernel developer to enjoy this talk. Just someone that enjoys the art of programming and the crazy ideas that are performed to overcome such obstacles. Live code modification is not trivial, and now the new features of allocating code on the fly makes it even more radical. This is not a trivial task; it requires understanding how the CPU pipeline works as well as all states that the kernel can be in. (slides)
Refereed Talks 08/13/2014
Steven Rostedt