Michael Kerrisk

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Michael Kerrisk is the author of the acclaimed book, “The Linux Programming Interface” (http://man7.org/tlpi/ ), a guide and reference for system programming on Linux and UNIX. He contributes to the Linux kernel primarily via documentation, review, and testing of new kernel-user-space interfaces. In Düsseldorf, he will be celebrating 10 years as the maintainer of the Linux man-pages project (http://www.kernel.org/doc/man-pages/ ). Michael is New Zealander, working as an independent trainer and consultant in Munich, Germany.

Proposals for this user

* How to design a Linux kernel API (Confirmed)

The intended audience is kernel developers and user-space programmers with an interest in the long-term health of the kernel-user-space API, and anyone with an interest in API design.
Refereed Talks 08/13/2014
Michael Kerrisk