Matias Bjørling

Matias Bjørling

IT University of Copenhagen


Matias Bjørling is a Ph.D candidate at IT University of Copenhagen. He has a great interest in high-performance storage, network systems and databases.

Previously worked on performance characterization of flash-based SSDs, operating- and database-systems cross-layer optimizations, and the multi-queue block layer for the Linux kernel.

Spends his time implementing a host-side flash translation layer for open-channel SSDs.

Sessions for this user

* Support for open-channel SSDs and flash-agnostic APIs

Integration of flash-agnostic APIs (e.g., Key-value store, Object store, Atomic-IOs, etc.) with open-channel SSDs- status and discussion (slides)
File and Storage Systems
Matias Bjørling, Jesper Madsen, Javier Gonzalez