Oren Laadan

Oren Laadan



Dr. Oren Laadan is the CTO of Cellrox (http://www.cellrox.com), a startup
company providing virtualization for multi-persona solutions on smartphones and
tablets. Prior to Cellrox, he was a researcher at Columbia University focusing
on computer systems, broadly defined, including virtualization, operating
systems, security, reliability, and mobile computing. Oren developed Linux
Checkpoint-Restart (linux-cr), based in part on his research on virtualization
and application checkpoint-restart. He developed MOSIX for Linux, a Linux
extension for single-system image clustering and automatic load balancing. Oren
holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Columbia University.

Sessions for this user

* How far are we from running distributions inside containers?

Let's discuss the missing kernel functionality for running Linux distributions inside containers
Amir Goldstein, Oren Laadan