Pavel Emelyanov


Pavel is a principal engineer at Parallels working on company’s Cloud Server projects. He holds a PhD degree in Applied Mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He now maintains CRIU and works on its integration with other Linux containers projects.

His speaking experience includes many talks and presentations of Containers and Checkpoint/Restore projects at such conferences as LSFMM summit, Kernel Summit, LinuxCon, Plumbers and Linux Conf AU in the recent years.

Sessions for this user

* Are containers that we have now secure enough?

Let's discuss what security aspects we may have with existing implementation of containers in the kernel (slides)
Pavel Emelyanov, Vladimir Davydov

* Checkpoint/restore of containers with CRIU

Current status and plans for LXC/Docker and CRIU integration. (slides)
Pavel Emelyanov, Serge Hallyn, Tycho Andersen, Saied Kazemi

* Updating the kernel using CRIU and KExec

Pros and cons of replacing the kernel seamlessly to running processes instead of live-patching it. (slides)
Live Kernel Patching
Pavel Emelyanov