Automatic NUMA Balancing

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50 Minute Talk
Scheduled: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 from 12:15 – 1:05pm in Room 14

One Line Summary

The audience is anyone interested in the performance characteristics of NUMA systems, as well as people interested in how automatic NUMA balancing works.


In NUMA systems, each CPU has its own bank of memory, resulting in fast access to local memory, and slower access to memory elsewhere in the system. Recently a mechanism has been implemented in the Linux kernel to automatically run programs near their memory, and to move memory to near the programs using it. This presentation explains why computers are built this way, why NUMA locality matters, how the automatic NUMA balancing kernel code works, what it can do, and what kind of performance improvements have been observed. This presentation is also a good opportunity to discuss recent and future developments for the automatic NUMA balancing code.


  • Riel-mt-bond

    Rik van Riel

    Red Hat


    Rik van Riel is a principal software engineer at Red Hat, and a long term contributor to the Linux kernel. He has contributed to the memory management subsystem, the scheduler, and various components related to virtualization. Rik is active in community projects like and likes to hike and rock climb
    in his spare time.