SIL2LinuxMP: GNU/Linux Multicore platform for safety related systems

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One Line Summary

Certifying GNU/Linux for safety


In the past decade there have been a number of key publications on using COTS, including open-source, for safety related systems. A series of UK HSE reports as well as the US FRA report looked into COTS in the safety domain.

To address this growing need, The OSADL Safety Critical Linux Working Group, founded in 2007, has been preparing an open-source project called SIL2LinuxMP striving to prepare certification of a Linux RTOS (PREEMPT_RT) based platform to a systematic capability (SC)/safety integrity level (SIL) of 2 in accordance with IEC 61508 Edition 2.

In this talk we will outline the overall SIL2LinuxMP project and then focus on the safety case development issues. With a focus on the selection of the conformance route. While such a talk can only be sketchy we do hope that it will help in clarifying the big picture of “certifying GNU/Linux for safety”.

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