Integrated Network Virtualization

This proposal has been accepted as a session.


One Line Summary

Integrated Network Virtualization is aimed at providing a minimally intrusive and highly performant network virtualization solution in the Linux stack.


In this talk we’ll consider the prospects of integrating networking virtualization into the Linux Networking stack in a minimally intrusive way.

Job scheduling and resource management in modern data centers is a very difficult but critical problem. Virtualizing the whole data center to allow jobs (not just VMs!) to seamlessly be migrated to optimize scheduling would be a game changer. For the networking part of this solution, we want a very lightweight solution which has no impact other than when we wish to migrate (near zero tolerance for performance regression for this function). A solution to this is to consciously integrate networking virtualization in the stack. Several
of the mechanisms that may be useful for a solution are already in place— TCP_REPAIR and network namespaces for instance. The goal is that all the existing functionality of the stack— routing, IP tables, NAT, etc.— should seamlessly be virtualization aware.