A High Performance Socket Interface in Linux

This proposal has been accepted as a session.


One Line Summary

A proposal for using hardware queues with the af_packet interface and a discussion on how to use this with existing virt interfaces.


AF_PACKET is a Linux interface for processing packets in user space. In this talk we will outline our code which uses techniques (direct DMA, polling mode) learned in our DPDK work to provide an interface on top of existing in-kernel drivers and the AF_PACKET sockets to support performance equivalent to similar work being done with VFIO drivers.

In this talk we would like to encourage other driver owners to support the interface. And facilitate a discussion on how to integrate this work with other components in Linux. In particular the virtio drivers could leverage the direct DMA and polling modes supported.

Patches will be submitted to netdev mailing list prior to talk.


performance, virtualization, virtio, DPDK