What's left to make allyesconfig on x86_64

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The LLVMLinux is close to be able to compile the full kernel (aka allyesconfig) - what is left to do ?


This talk will show the status of the LLVMLinux project on x86_64 and the current state of options that still need to be disabled or does not build.
We’ll discuss the current patches for these areas and what needs to be done to resolve it.


LLVM LLVMLinux Linux Kernel allyesconfig

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    Jan-Simon Möller is an electrical engineer who has spent the past decade working with and on Open Source projects and Linux. His previous work involved embedded systems, build systems, device drivers, power management, robotics and SELinux. He has been involved in a number of Open Source projects, including being a contributor to the Open Build Service. Currently Jan-Simon works as a consultant as well as being a Trainer for The Linux Foundation.