DRBD9 and drbdmanage

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One Line Summary

drbd9 and drbdmanage are the data and control plane of a distributed storage system for replicated block devices. A cinder driver is already in development. Integration into other storage management frameworks desirable?


DRBD9 is a Linux block device driver, that allows to mirror Linux block devices to multiple peer hosts. It can operate in synchronous or asynchronous mode.

Drbdmanage is a management solution, that takes over management of logic volumes (LVM), management of configuration files for DRBD. It offers commands to create replicated volumes, take snapshots, resize, remove, etc… It allows to create volumes in consistency groups.

These capabilities are available on the command line, and as a D-BUS service. They are useful as they are, since it automates the operation of DRBD replicated storage.

In order to make these features available to the OpenStack community a cinder driver for drbdmanage is in development.

Which further integrations into storage management frameworks are desirable?
Blivet, libstoragemanagement, …


drbd, management, cinder, OpenStack


  • Biography

    Philipp Reisner is CTO of LINBIT Information Technologies GmbH in
    Vienna. He was born in 1975 in Vienna, Austria. During his studies of
    computer sciences at the Technical University in Vienna (TU Wien), CTO
    Philipp Reisner developed the cluster solution DRBD® that is in the
    meantime successfully used around the globe. DRBD got accepted into
    mainline Linux with the 2.6.33 release. Philipp is an internationally
    renowned OSS specialist, kernel programmer and eminent lecturer on high
    availability at international Linux events.
    He gave presentations at numerous Linux-Kongresses in Germany, at
    NLUUG’s and UKUUG’s conferences, at mySQL conferences and at LinuxCon
    2009, and some other conferences.