FS-Cache for file systems in userspace

This proposal has been accepted as a session.


One Line Summary

Enabling on-disk caches for userspace file systems by integrating FS-Cache in FUSE.


A few network file systems can use FS-Cache for storing caches on local storage. Adding support for FS-Cache in FUSE enables user-space (network) file systems to benefit from increased client-side caches.

During this session, the proposed design will get presented and can get discussed further. If possible, a prototype and some performance improvements will be shown.

The integration of FS-Cache in FUSE is a work in progress by Vimal Kumar as a university project. Vimal wants to improve the performance of GlusterFS for certain workloads.


filesystem, glusterfs, fs-cache, fuse


  • Niels de Vos

    Red Hat


    Niels works for the Support Engineering Group that is part of Red Hats Global Support Services. His areas of interest include Red Hat Storage, NFS and related technologies. He specializes in providing deep technical knowledge, debugging/analysing problems customers are facing and providing patches (bugfixes, backports, Feature Requests) to upstream projects, such as GlusterFS, and for Red Hat Enterprise Linux packages.