LLVM AArch64

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Microconference Session

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LLVM AArch64


LLVM AArch64

I propose to give a short presentation (between 5 and 10 minutes) to:

  • give a short history of how the AArch64 support in LLVM has been implemented.
  • give a summary of which general AArch64 features are well supported by LLVM.
  • give a summary of which areas need more work.

I hope that this initial short presentation will serve as a starting point for a discussion with the attendees, e.g. covering what features are important for them, what they think is missing.


ARM, LLVM, Clang, AArch64


  • Biography

    Kristof Beyls, Principal Engineer, ARM. Kristof is passionate about compilation technology and optimizing software. He is technical lead for most of the LLVM-related activities at ARM.