GCC and LLVM collaboration review

This proposal has been accepted as a session.


One Line Summary

Outcomes of the GNU+LLVM discussion at the GNU cauldron and the implications for other projects.


With LLVM mature enough to feature as the default toolchain in some Unix distributions, and with the inherent (and profitable) share of solutions, ideas and code between the two, we need to start talking at a more profound level.

There will always be problems that can’t be included in any standard (language, extension, or machine-specific) and are intrinsic to the compilation infrastructure. For those, and other common problems, we need common solutions to at least both LLVM and GCC, but ideally any open source (and even closed source) toolchain.

In this session, we shall discuss some of the outcomes of the GNU cauldron’s presentation and what does that mean to everyone else building with both compilers.


llvm gcc compilers

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