Cloud-based wireless packet capture, sharing, analysis, and diagnosis

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One Line Summary

It would be a lot easier to debug this wifi problem if only you had a packet trace.


Wifi drivers have bugs – and we mostly don’t know what they are. Problems are often resolved by rebooting, restarting a daemon, or unplugging/replugging the device, and driver developers might never learn this is needed. Or you might have strange incompatibilities between different types of devices that result in low throughput, high latency, poor roaming, poor rate selection, poor aggregation, too many retries, or wasted channel bandwidth.

One way to help diagnose problems is to assemble a collection of packet traces of known device interactions, and make it very easy for end users to produce such a trace and share it with developers.

Avery can demonstrate several prototype, open source tools being developed at Google Fiber to try to make large-scale diagnosis and analysis better, including and a new web-based tool for uploading, visualizing, and sharing streams of wifi packets in near-real time with the click of a button.


debugging, wireless, Analysis, wifi, visualization, diagnosis